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Why should you sell on Vasiti?

More Customers, More Money
Sell to thousands of buyers on your campus, on other campuses and everywhere else
Exclusive Access to Wholesalers
Buy goods easily, quickly and at affordable prices from trusted wholesalers across Nigeria
Low After-Sales Commission
You pay only a small commission after every successful sale
Funding Opportunities
Get very-low interest loans from our studentpreneur fund to grow your business. Be the first to also know about funding opportunities for you
Training, Mentorship & Internship
Gain access to professionals to mentor you, established business in your field where you can intern and attend physical/virtual trainings
Unlimited Support
Your success is important to us and so we are always happy to hear from you and provide the best customer service

How It Works


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Fill all the required fields and follow the steps to create your account


Login and Update Your Store

Upload clear and exact images of all your products or services and enter accurate information. The more you upload, the more you sell


Fulfill Your Orders

People everywhere would buy your products or hire your services. You would be notified via email, SMS or on your dashboard once you have an order


Grow Your Profile and Gain More Benefits

As you efficiently manage your business on Vasiti, we would provide you further support via mentorship, internship and funding

What you should know

We Want Happy Customers
We want our buyers to be very happy so we expect you to sell only authentic products, upload exact images and use an accurate description
We Offer Super-Fast Delivery
Please ensure products are available on standby before you upload to the site so it can quickly be picked up and delivered.

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